How to Grow Your Events Career by Giving

Presenter: James Beck

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TEDx Speaker James Beck gave away all his possessions and spent a year traveling the country and proving that the best way to live is by giving. When you make others feel priceless, you reap the richness of reinforcing your inherent goodness. “You never know what act of kindness will lead to another act of kindness,” he attested. His advice for meeting professionals looking to take care of their attendees? “Serve with reckless abandon.”

You will learn:

  • How a pay-it-forward campaign can start a positive domino effect.
  • How to instill Transformative Culture in your company to build happiness, collaboration, creativity, and success.
  • How to clear your mind to focus on the opportunities all around you.
James Beck is a TEDx Speaker, Relationship Building Expert & Author who gave away everything he owned and set out on a journey to offer kindness and serve someone in all 50 states. He asked those he served to Pay-It-Forward, starting an incredible domino effect in kindness. In his incredibly inspirational presentation, he encourages others to live a life of giving, revealing how having a “service mindset” leads to true happiness and relationship fulfillment, transforming your life and your corporate culture into a cooperative community.

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