HCP Insight – Design Medical Meeting Content to Drive Attendance, Engagement and Quality Education

Presenter: Jocelyne Cote, Global Managing Director of Strategic Meetings Management for American Express Meetings and Events

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Zeroing in on the top trends derived from a recent study consisting of 12 in-depth interviews with HCPs, this keynote, delivered by Jocelyne Cote, global managing director of strategic meetings management for American Express Meetings and Events, provides a highlight of the driving forces that bring a physician to a meeting and advises the planner on how to keep attendees engaged and ensure they gain valuable takeaways.

  • Examine the factors that drive attendance (i.e. meeting type, reputation of meeting, speaking faculty, etc.)
  • Discover the importance of unplanned interactions to see how HCPs get value from face-to-face meetings
  • Learn how the right content, the right speakers, and the right experience facilitate HCPs’ top objective – helping patients.