Technically Speaking: How to Talk AV

Presenter: Michael Granek, President/COO of Event Leadership Institute

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Michael Granek, CSEP, MBA, is a successful entrepreneur and award-winning event producer with over two decades of experience in the special events and entertainment industries, as well as over 10 years of experience in adult education and academics. As President, COO of the Event Leadership Institute, Michael applies his diverse background of business management, adult education and special events experience to connect event professionals with leading industry education, training & professional development.

Are you worried about talking with your audio-visual and tech suppliers about the details of your event? Do you have trouble choosing appropriate equipment or are confused by some of the terminology? Most events require some sort of technical production, whether it is a simple microphone on a stand, or an extensive stage-show production with multimedia, live cameras, and special effects. This webinar will introduce you to the basics of audio-visual, including some equipment terminology, tips on working with your supplier, and ideas for when you’re working with a tight A/V budget. You won’t be able to set-up equipment yourself, but at least you’ll be able to speak in a common language with your supplier to ensure efficient planning and amazing results!

Session Outcomes:

  • Explore and identify common audio-visual equipment such as projectors, screens, lighting, speakers & microphones.
  • Ideas on how to speak with and work with your A/V supplier to create a better working relationship that is mutually beneficial.
  • Things to keep in mind when using audio-visual at an event such as layout, power, rigging, cables, and esthetics.
  • Tips on the best use of audio-visual with tight or small budgets.

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