The Invisible Workload of Meeting Planning

Presenter: Myllisa Patterson, Senior Director Event Cloud Campaigns at Cvent, Paulina Curto, Manager, Meetings & Events at Cvent, and Jen Maltba, Marketing Manager at Cvent

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You work tirelessly to manage the chaos that is event management. Eliminate your invisible workload so you can spend time on what matters most. Ask anyone who plans events about the invisible workload of their job and they’ll know exactly what you’re talking about. The stress or event management, the chaos, the mental weight of it all. This webinar is a celebration of the invisible workload of event managers—direct from the frontlines.

During this session we’ll:

  • Identify and commiserate about our invisible workload
  • Discuss automating mundane and manual tasks using event tech
  • Ease stress to focus on creating a once in a life time experience