Sugarfina candies

There is an art to creating the perfect swag bag. While it can be a fantastic opportunity to impress and enthrall attendees, it can also be a colossal waste of money. Something unoriginal, such as a brand pen, might find its home in the garbage mere hours after an event.

After an event, attendees should be raving about the swag and showcasing it via social media. In the event planning industry, this brand boost is crucial. A swag bag needs to get into the mindset of your guests. But trust us, that part is simple. Leave a lasting impression at your next event by applying our checklist and exemplary products. Before making any big purchases for your swag bag, select items that are timely and trendy, convenient, high-quality, transportable, and have minimal or tasteful branding. They also should inspire excitement and fun. For bonus points, include eco-friendly and tasty swag.

Items on our top swag bag list all have the full package. They are convenient, but not common; special, but universally appealing. These items represent a range of prices, thereby accommodating every budget.

Mophie Power Reserve Keychain Cellphone Charger ($49.95)
Virtually everyone has a phone, so everyone needs a charger, especially at events where travel, social media coverage and contact exchanges are in full swing.

Kiehl’s Dry Relief Duo ($16)
Dry skin and lips may not be the most glamorous topic, but they are a reality during travel and in cold climates. This dynamic duo will restore hydration in no time.

Sugarfina Champagne Gummy Bears ($3 taster packet)
Mixing candy and alcohol creates an unrivaled treat, offering the best of both worlds. The bears are made with Dom Perignon Vintage Champagne and come in classic Brut and stylish Rose flavors.

Free Lyft Ride (cost varies)
Lyft offers an event promotion deal so that hosts can provide free rides home, typically for a value up to $25. This convenient service helps ensure the safety of guests. Also, if attendees opt out of using their rides, the money is returned.

Justin’s Classic Almond Butter & Pretzels ($45.96 for 24)
Finding time to snack, or even time to buy one, is challenging on the road. This delicious and protein-filled treat is portable, clean and nonperishable.

Flight 001’s Shade Eye Masks ($16)
Adding style to sleepwear, Flight 001’s Shade Eye Masks come in a variety of sunglass shapes. These include Cat-Eye, Aviator, Ray (Ban), James (Dean) and Lolita.

Eco-Friendly Bubble-Transparent Umbrella ($3.99)
Everyone could use an extra umbrella. This product is made of eco-friendly plastic and has a skeleton built for optimal wind resistance. The transparent canopy, color trim and variety of logo options keep guests dry without having to wear a poncho.

Single-Serve Pop Art Gourmet Popcorn ($42 for 24)
The packaging of these treats resembles comic-book art, and when you add flavor options such as Rosemary Truffle and Thai Coconut Curry, you know they are some special snacks.