Ah, another year, another bizarre food craze. Now that we’re already into January, meeting and event planners are pretty much expected to be familiar with wild refreshments. But if you’re a tad late, don’t sweat it. We’ll keep you up-to-date with the latest unconventional F&B trends. Present some of these in the near future for a guaranteed image boost.

Mushroom-Infused Coffee

Mushrooms have long been praised as a dietary supplement that boosts antioxidant levels and protects the immune system. Certain varieties of mushrooms are about to explode. It will become pretty commonplace to see reishi, chaga and cordyceps infusing your coffee, chocolate, broths and tea. According to Whole Foods, fungi are also emerging as an ingredient in soaps and hair care.

Flower Flavors

Pedals are no longer just for garnish. Fragrant floral flavors such as elderflower, rose, hibiscus and lavender will be aromas permeating foods and drinks this year.

Cannabis Snacks

Times they are a-changing. At this time, eight states have legalized recreational cannabis, while many others have done so for medical use. It’s no secret that the marijuana industry is growing across the country. With this new wave, there will not only be infused foods, but beverages, as well. All in accordance with state and federal laws, of course.

Nordic Influences

New to the mainstream food world, Nordic cuisine will be making an impact very soon. Kimpton’s Culinary & Cocktails Trend Forecast for 2018 predicts an emergence of fish and colorful ingredients such as carrots, beets and cabbage. Additionally, it says that alternative berries such as juniper and ligonberries will be seeing a boost in popularity.

Wellness Cocktails

Wellness is becoming more of a priority each year. Although there’s no way to engineer healthy alcohol, we can still control what we mix with it. Think green juice and vodka or a high-alcohol content kombucha. Talk about drinking responsibly!

Next-Level Wine Packaging

Traditional wine bottles have become a bore, now that there are a slew of creative new ways to hold the red, whites and pinks. Creative wine encasings offer a more versatile range of options, often providing transportable or durable packaging. Plus, many offer dual functionality, such as edible glassware, or promote sustainability through things such as repurposed household items.


Matcha is so 2017. Moringa is a powder high in protein, potassium, calcium, fiber and Vitamin A. The substance alone supposedly tastes like dried spinach—yuck. But mix that with other flavors in lattes or hummus, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.