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A growing trend around healthy eating habits has been gaining momentum for quite some time, and now business travelers are hopping on the train. Business-to-Business-for-Employees (B2B4E) travel management platform, CWT and research firm Artemis Strategy Group conducted a survey and found that 38 percent of travelers eat healthier when traveling for business.

“Maintaining healthy habits while traveling is nearing the top of the priority list for travelers around the world,” said Niklas Andreen, CWT’s chief traveler experience officer. “At the end of the day, being in tune with what matters to your employees is indispensable for retaining and attracting the best talent.”

The Growing Trend

Since 2017, the trend around maintaining health and wellness routines on the road has become a growing priority for travelers. In 2017, travelers were asked if they work hard to stick to their health and wellness routines while on business and 38 percent said yes.

Answering the same question in 2019, the percentage of travelers sticking to their routines has jumped to 42 percent. Asia Pacific travelers are ahead of the pack, with 52 percent of travelers adhering to their wellness routines. The Americas came in second at 37 percent while Europe came in third with 32 percent.

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Survey Results

While on the road for business, Asia Pacific travelers are the most likely to eat healthier (46 percent), followed by travelers from the Americas (35 percent) and Europe (29 percent).

The survey highlighted some interesting points, like the top three amenities travelers use to maintain their wellness routines are use of hotel exercise room or equipment (49 percent), indoor or outdoor swimming pool (40 percent) and in-room hotel equipment (27 percent).

It was also found that 26 percent of business travelers work out more while they are on the road. Asia Pacific travelers came in first with 33 percent, followed again by the Americas at 23 percent and Europe at 21 percent.

MoreSimple Practices to Encourage Wellness at Your Next Meeting

Being health conscious is a big trend these days and the survey results definitely support this; on average only 7 percent of travelers don’t adhere to any health and wellness routines while on the road. The percentage is highest in Europe (10 percent) then the Americas (8 percent) and finally Asia Pacific (3 percent). This means that 93 percent of business travelers do keep up with their health and wellness routines while on the road, and that’s a pretty large percentage. Since keeping up with health and wellness routines is becoming a top priority for business travelers, try booking hotels with exercise rooms, equipment or pools for your attendees to keep on exercising, and consider offering breakout sessions during your meeting that are focused on health, wellness and exercise.