Lights… camera… inaction? The pandemic may have put a pause on blockbuster movie releases and nights out at the cinema, but, in the face of economic struggle, several theater companies have opened their doors to affordable private screenings for small groups. If you want to start off an event or treat your team to a safe and responsible night out, you can do so—following CDC guidelines—for as little as $99. Here’s how.

AMC Theaters

The national AMC chain is renting out their Safe & Clean auditoriums—featuring advanced cleaning, disinfecting and air filtering between showings—for private screenings of up to 20 people. You can choose from older films, starting at $99, and new releases, starting at $149. Custom content is not yet available, but most concession stands are open. Masks and social distancing are required. Check out available movies and book your outing here.


Like AMC, Cinemark has private screening options for up to 20 people for as little as $99 in thoroughly cleaned and disinfected theaters. Masks are required and there are concession packages to treat your group to. Hosting more than 20 people? The company also offers a premium private screening service which allows up to 50 percent capacity, starting at $175. You can book that here—or purchase a private rental gift certificate as a present, prize or incentive at the site.

Showcase Cinemas

With locations in New York, Ohio, Rhode Island and Massachusetts, this company is bringing $99 private rentals to northeast and Midwest winters for up to 20 people. Choose from holiday classics, Quentin Tarantino movies and popular films, or watch a new release starting at $199. Concession packages are available; masks are mandatory; and the theaters are cleaned. Book your movie here!

Landmark Theaters

With locations around the US, Landmark Theaters is taking it a step further and offering private screenings for as many people as allowed by the city (in most cases, up to 20) and with many customizable options. You can rent out the theater for a new release; provide a DVD of your favorite movie to play; hook up a gaming console for a maximized gamer experience; or display a company video or presentation up on the big screen for your team. Catering and concession packages are offered; masks are required; and the theater follows CinemaSafe protocols. For pricing and details, click here.

Orgo to a drive in.