Your attendees have a blast at your events—don’t you wish there was a way to capture that fun to show other potential attendees what they’re missing? There are lots of creative ways to do it, as a matter of fact. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

1. Share video of the highlights of your event, either via Facebook Live, Periscope, YouTube or other media solution. This allows attendees not only to experience the event all over again, but to share the event with friends and colleagues, which inadvertently builds your brand awareness. We’ll use some of our own clips from past Smart Meeting events as an example.

Take it one step further and add the video to your marketing follow-up emails that are sent to attendees thanking them for their participation.

2. Provide something at the event that inspires attendees to take photos – whether it’s a mascot, a prop booth or backdrop. Just be sure your event’s hashtag and/or company handle is clearly visible and uncomplicated so that attendees not only use it, but use it correctly. Instagram frame props like the one below are a hit, plus they’re easy to brand!


(Photo courtesy

3. Add a gamification element with a photo-centric scavenger hunt that doubles as a networking opportunity. Set cards at your tables with specific photo challenges that encourage your attendees to get up and get talking to other attendees, and snap and share photos. The cue on the card might read, “Snap a photo of you and someone from a different state—remember to use the hashtag #smartmtgs”

4. Another form of gamification that gets people tweeting, posting and tagging is a live media wall that lets them see posts in real time. Events often use Twitter feeds that filter specific hashtags so attendees can post from their seat and watch their post debut on a big screen in front of the audience. Companies such as, Postano, Tint, Sharypic, Livefyre, and SocialWall provide solutions

Here’s an example of how Tint’s platform works:

The key is to understand your current audience and your untapped potential audience as best you can. What social platforms are they using? What activities are they most likely to participate in and share? After your event, take a look at the activity and engagement levels on each of the platforms you used. If some are drastically more effective than others, narrow your efforts and put all of your focus on the strategies that are working best.