Hectic schedules, last minute client changes and unusual hours are common for event professionals. Add in the dynamic of family life and you may be left feeling frustrated and short on time. You are not alone! Many American families struggle with balancing work and family. These four simple steps can make the work-life balance thing seem manageable.

Step 1: Don’t Compare

Avoid the temptation to compare yourself or your family to another. Every individual and family is different and has different needs. If you know a soccer dad that never misses a game or practice, don’t take their perfect attendance and compare it to yours. Focus on what’s important to you and your family and don’t stress about the rest.

Step 2: Discuss Your Family Priorities

If you don’t have clear family priorities, you will constantly play a game in which you don’t know the rules. A simple, calm conversation can help alleviate this. For example, if you’re feeling guilty about missing some upcoming events, ask your spouse or children how they feel about it. Then, come up with an achievable plan that fits everyone’s needs. Talking about it in advance with those involved, will give everyone a chance to get their needs met. Then you can release that parent guilt!

Step 3: Quality Time

When it comes to quality time, everyone’s needs are different. Have a conversation with yourself and your family about their needs. If they are not receiving enough focused attention, talk about what would work and come up with a plan around that. It can be as simple as a one-hour mommy-daughter ice cream date once a week. When you carve out dedicated time for your loved ones, they feel special and you both have something to look forward to. Those dedicated moments really help during extra-busy times in life!

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Step 4: Self-Care

Don’t forget about yourself! Self-care is incredibly important, yet many of you are not doing it. I won’t try to convince you to work out or book yourself a massage (although, I should). I will try to convince you to take at least five minutes of quiet time for yourself every day. If you have time to be on social media or watch TV, you have time for this. Breathe. You will be amazed at what five short minutes can do for your stress level and reaction to life.

Wrapping It Up:

When you spend time on the front end, discussing what’s important to you and your family, you can greatly reduce self-imposed guilt, and increase the overall happiness and balance your family life. Life is ever changing, so this isn’t a one-time assessment. It’s important to regularly review your intentions and have ongoing family conversations.

Nikki Berkel is former accountant and CPA who realized she was in the wrong profession. It took years for her to make a change. After all, her life on paper was awesome.  On the outside, she had everything. On the inside, she did not. She was constantly exhausted and often in pain. She used wine, junk food and sleep to distract herself from her life. Years later, she found a new profession in life coaching, where her natural love and desire for more connection with people has bloomed. Today, her coaching work focuses on helping successful people learn what it takes for them to enjoy their work more, and helping stressed out mom’s prioritize their life to enjoy motherhood more.