Seeking calm via mindfulness strategies

In today’s fast-paced corporate environment, stress and burnout are widely experienced yet rarely discussed. Workplace culture can sometimes lead us to believe that these harmful states are simply the price we pay for a lucrative or successful work life. What if I told you this was a false dichotomy? Would you believe it possible to have career success and a peaceful state of mind? Let’s explore how integrating wellness into demanding corporate settings can help us achieve the best of both worlds!

Addressing Stress

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Even before the pandemic, the World Health Organization had recognized burnout as a diagnosable medical condition. For many of us, however, burnout surged amid the conditions surrounding the Covid crisis. In fact, more than half of U.S. employees report work-related stress as a significant issue. The time has come for us to take proactive steps to address these challenges in the corporate meeting space. Company leaders must recognize the profound impact that work-related stress has on employees, and consequently, the overall success of organizations.

As a corporate meeting and event industry professional with over 25 years of experience, I have witnessed first-hand the negative impacts of work-related stress. The damaging consequences of work pressures became apparent to me, not only among my clients but also for myself. For years, I struggled silently with stress and burnout. Looking back, I now realize I lacked a deep understanding of how the pervasive effects of stress have repercussions for the body and mind.

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At the time, I had approached these challenges as my personal issue—something to be endured as endemic to the career I’d chosen. Eventually, my desire to heal led me to immerse myself in the practices of meditation, yoga and positive psychology. I learned the importance of self-care, listening to my inner voice, and being mindful of stress and its effects on my life and the lives of those around me. With the right tools in place, I began to navigate daily stress and avoid burnout with ease—not only at work but also in all aspects of life.  

Since then, I’ve experienced many transformations in my personal and professional journey, including becoming a certified mindfulness expert and mindset coach. Time and again, I have seen people adopt small changes, yet achieve sweeping results. Embedding simple practices into everyday activities enables people to show up as the best versions of themselves in all areas of their lives. 

Whether you’re looking for ways to improve your meetings or transform your life, it is my goal to share practical yet impactful ways you can bring mindfulness into your life, anywhere and anytime.

Why Wellness Matters Most in Corporate Meetings

Stress has Become an Epidemic, Especially in the Corporate Arena

Stress is pervasive in the workplace. It casts a shadow on employee well-being and disrupts an organization’s productivity. Employees grappling with stress often struggle to get things done as they combat emotional turmoil, and in some cases, health issues. Simply put: every company should have a game plan for dealing with stress management. It will enhance the overall health and performance of individuals and teams.

Meetings Can be Sensory Overload Zones

Corporate meetings and trade shows are notorious for being sensory overload zones. The constant influx of information, bright lights and incessant noise can lead to overstimulation and impaired focus. Designing programs that integrate wellness activities, such as breathing exercises, simple stretches, or Zen moments can refocus and refresh attendees to help them pace themselves and concentrate on meeting content.

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Social Anxiety is the Elephant in the Room

For many employees, the idea of engaging in social interactions in a high-pressure environment in a concentrated span of time can trigger anxiety. More often than not, individuals may turn to alcohol to cope. Wellness practices, including simple tools such as proper breathing, gratitude exercises and journaling, can help individuals manage anxiety, make healthier choices and feel more comfortable in social settings. 

Employees Deserve to Experience a Commitment to Well-being

Organizations that prioritize wellness in their corporate culture demonstrate a genuine commitment to their employees’ mental health. This, in turn, fosters a positive workplace environment, leading to more engaged and motivated employees. In a recent study by The Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, employees who took advantage of wellness programs and made lifestyle changes saved companies about $353 in recouped productivity per person annually.

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Wellness Strategies for Event Professionals in Corporate Meetings

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Plan for Mindful Moments like ‘Zenerstitials’ During Sessions

Incorporating mindful moments during meetings is a subtle yet potent approach for resetting and refocusing groups in high-intensity environments. By adding customized transitions throughout the show on the main stage, attendees can partake in ‘Zenerstitials.’ These 3-minute activities allow attendees to step back from the technology and content and enjoy a moment to recenter themselves. The beauty of these brief moments is the instant focus and calm energy that washes over not only the individual but the entire room.

Create Workshops, Meditation/Breathing Rooms and Mindset Coaching Sessions

Wellness workshops are another great option for managing overstimulation and social anxiety. Meeting planners can provide dedicated spaces for meditation or relaxation, offering attendees a sanctuary to decompress and recharge. To really enhance the experience, hire a mindset coach to lead sessions at various intervals throughout the conference so attendees can take time to learn how to harness their positivity and creativity.

Develop Tailored Wellness Programs

For a comprehensive approach to wellness in corporate meetings, partner with an expert like Mindful Moments. An expert can assist with planning the meeting program and guide you on how to implement moments of well-being for the greatest benefit to your participants. For example, experts can lead transitional mindset breaks throughout the main session, on-site classes, stress management workshops, gratitude sessions, mindset coaching sessions and customized retreats. These offerings are designed to fit seamlessly into your corporate event, promoting well-being and improving performance. 

How We all ‘Win’ with Wellness in Corporate Meetings

Enhance Productivity

Employees who regularly practice wellness techniques are better equipped to manage stress, remain focused and perform at their best. This translates into better employee experience, as well as enhanced productivity during meetings and beyond the workplace.

Create a Culture of Empathy and Innovation

Wellness initiatives foster a culture of empathy where employees feel valued and supported. This culture nurtures innovation since stress-free and fulfilled employees are more likely to contribute creative ideas and solutions. 

Improve Employee Retention

Companies that prioritize employee well-being experience lower turnover rates. Employees tend to stay with organizations that actively demonstrate they care about employees’ physical and mental health and that provide resources for managing stress and burnout.

Inspire Personal and Professional Growth

By encouraging wellness in corporate meetings, employees are empowered to thrive both at work and in their personal lives. These practices help with the daily grind and are uniquely impactful when dealing with stress, overstimulation and social anxiety. Best of all, these techniques can make a person feel a deeper sense of balance and purpose.


Integrating wellness into corporate meetings is not just a trend; it’s an essential investment in your company’s future. The time is over for thinking that stress and adrenaline actually make us better at our jobs. The benefits of wellness are multifaceted, from increased productivity and enhanced innovation to improved employee retention and personal growth. With the added challenges of stress and burnout at work and overstimulation and social anxiety at meetings and trade shows, addressing these issues is of vital importance to organizations’ success.

 Not so long ago, many people would never have imagined yoga and meditation in a meeting program. But based on experience, more teams are asking for these moments, and many are adopting them in their personal lives. If you’re ready to embrace wellness at your next event, reach out to Mindful Moments to curate a customized wellness package for you and your meeting attendees.

woman wearing bright purple pants and black long sleeved shirt on stage talkingCharlotte Frederick is a corporate meeting and incentive industry expert with over 25 years of experience. After overcoming personal battles with stress and burnout through mindfulness techniques, she founded Mindful Moments, a woman-led company dedicated to enhancing well-being in the corporate world. Charlotte believes in empowering organizations and individuals with the right tools and strategies. By embracing mindfulness and self-care, individuals can show up as the best versions of themselves in every facet of their lives.

Charlotte’s commitment to sharing her knowledge and helping others is rooted in her own successes and the transformative power of wellness. She is a certified integrative health and mindset coach, a certified meditation teacher, a certified yoga instructor, and a certified positive psychology coach.