The MRN Agency proves diversity leads to success

Sept. 15th through Oct. 15th, 2023 marks Hispanic Heritage Month and brings more awareness to the importance of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) while emphasizing that celebrating different cultures in the workplace and at your events is an asset. Organizations such as The MRN Agency have dedicated their data-driven marketing and event production company to representing diversity both within their company and through their installations and live experiences.

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Who They Are

As a female and minority-owned company with CEO Rebecca Nunez at the helm, The MRN Agency is a full-service operation with marketing strategies offered on several different platforms. Their 75% diversity and inclusion rate are their strengths, as their team is able to analyze minutia in complex data as well as grassroots marketing to serve their clients and create experiential events. The agency gears its marketing campaigns and event services towards multicultural audiences and prides itself on being “representations of the faces, skin tones, languages, backgrounds and identities that our clients are aiming to reach.”

Nunez has overcome personal and professional struggles as a first-generation Mexican American who lost her previous position as a result of Covid. Rather than be defeated, she chose to be resilient.

“Today, I’m proud to have beat the 92% fail rate for female founders within one year, without any funding,” says Nunez. “I’ve opened offices locally and internationally and hired a full-time staff (60% female and 85% multicultural.)

The MRN Agency

What They Do

In addition to the wide variety of marketing strategies and data services, The MRN Agency creates experiential events around the world. Most notably, MRN launched the AT&T Fan Zone experience for Club America and the Seleccion Nacional soccer teams in Mexico City at the famous Estadio Azteca. The interactive event provided diehard soccer fans with digital experiences such as motion capture LIDAR (light detection and ranging) games in which fans kick a virtual soccer ball into a screen display of the goals their favorite soccer players score in.

The MRN Agency AT&T Fan Zone event

Fans also had the opportunity to emulate their celebrity soccer idols in a simulated press-interview. The MRN Agency created an interactive video booth for soccer lovers to answer questions about “their upcoming match” and share their testimonials. Attention to social media was important for the AT&T Fan Zone experience – the press-interviews were sent to the participants ready to be shared and a fan cam experience allowed fans to take a 180-degree boomerang photo with branded background to share on their favorite social media platforms.

Hispanic Heritage Month History

First introduced by California Congressman George E. Brown in 1968 as the civil rights movement was gaining momentum and different cultures were becoming more recognized in mainstream American society, a public law was passed declaring September 15th and 16th the beginning of National Hispanic Heritage Week. Initially announced by President Lyndon B. Johnson, subsequent presidents Nixon, Ford, Carter and Reagan all acknowledged Hispanic Heritage week. President George H.W. Bush extended the week to a month under the request of California Representative Esteban E. Torres who argued a week was not enough time to “properly observe and coordinate events and activities to celebrate Hispanic culture and achievement.”

Hispanic Heritage Month
San Juan festival celebration, New York, 1962

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Why it Matters

DEI in the workplace is not only an issue of morality and social responsibility, but an asset to companies. Different languages, backgrounds and identities ensures a team such as The MRN Agency will be a diverse and collaborative group that can provide the client a personalized and memorable event such as AT&T Fan Zone. With a Hispanic female CEO and both a multicultural staff and clientele, The MRN Agency represents the success companies and clients have when DEI is a priority.