Some people seem to be have all the luck, whether it be in their professional or personal life. As others struggle, they always seem to come out on top, regardless of the obstacles they face.

At first glance, it appears that this happens purely by chance, as is they are the beneficiaries of some sort of divine intervention. But a closer look reveals that for the most part, they have put themselves in position to succeed through hard work and keen insights. Here are a few ways that meeting professionals and others—even seemingly very unlucky people—can put Lady Luck on their side.

1. Be positive: Perhaps the most important way to achieve success is to maintain positive energy in everything you do. This enables you to gain momentum when working on projects, and extends beyond yourself: Others will be uplifted by your positive energy, thereby strengthening collaborative work with them. As a result, positive things seem to keep happening, almost magically. Negative energy, on the other hand, consistently leads to unsuccessful work, though some people mistake this for simply being due to bad luck.

2. Be social: While personal reflection has its place, and can lead to great insights that improve your professional and personal life, it’s also important to be actively social. By developing more social contacts, you will not only benefit from the stimulation of new ideas and perspectives, but also be more connected, and connections bring opportunities. People who seem to constantly have new opportunities come their way aren’t simply lucky: They’re well-connected.

3. Be adventurous: From time to time, all people feel stuck in a rut, without the ability to generate new and creative ideas. But some professionals seem to do so quite regularly, consistently—and seemingly effortlessly. Actually, in many cases their success is largely due to their curiosity and openness. They are willing to step out of their comfort zones by trying new things and welcoming different perspectives. Really, this is a way of life that opens them up to worlds of possibilities, and it carries over to their workplace, where they usually have no trouble coming up with new ideas and approaches.

4. Be patient: Everyone experiences struggles, and periods when they seem down on their luck. What matters is how we deal with these situations. Avoid letting negativity set in by finding a way to lift your spirits. Focus on something that you’re successful at, go for a walk to clear your head, or talk with a close co-worker or friend. This can totally change the way you feel, and put you back on track for success. Regardless of how down you feel, remember that whatever emotional state you find yourself in is temporary, and can and will change—possibly much sooner than you think.