Only 15 percent of millennials in the hospitality industry feel that their employers welcome their feedback on technology and other subjects, according to a recent survey.

The survey, Millennials and Hospitality: The Redefinition of Service, was commissioned by Oracle Hospitality and was taken by more than 9,000 millennials in eight countries. The response to the feedback question, one of the key findings in the survey, suggests a disconnect between millennials and their employers. Here’s the breakdown, by country, of respondents (who have worked for at least the past five years in the hospitality industry) saying that their employers welcome their feedback on subjects such as technology.

United States: 18.1%

Australia: 17.7%

Brazil: 17.7%

Mexico: 16.3%

United Kingdom: 14.8%

Germany: 12.5%

France: 11.7%

Japan: 6.8%

Another significant finding is that 36 percent of millennials working in the industry think that their employers don’t use technology well. When asked whether they agree with the statement, “I thought they made bad use of tcchnology,” the results were:

Germany: 46.8%

Japan: 44.9%

Brazil: 37.1%

United Kingdom: 35.4%

Australia: 35.3%

Mexico: 33.6%

United States: 32.5%

France: 21.3%

Some of the other findings indicate that millennials are seeking highly personalized and other options on mobile devices that are currently unavailable to them. Participants were asked if they want to manage loyalty programs offered by restaurants, bars and coffee shops on their mobile devices, and if they actually are doing so. Here are the results:

Country Want to Manage Currently Managing
Brazil 61.88% 14.11%
France  58.46% 12.47%
Mexico 57.54% 14.97%
United Kingdom 53.27% 16.83%
United States 51.68% 23.20%
Australia 46.35% 15.58%
Japan 45.54% 20.38%
Germany 44.28% 13.90%

The survey also suggested that millennials want to have more options available to pay for food and drinks by using their smartphones and tablets, as shown by the following responses.

Country Want to Pay Currently Paying
Brazil 55.1% 22.5%
Mexico 53.4% 22.5%
Australia 44.2% 23.6%
United States 43.6% 28.7%
United Kingdom 42.6% 21.7%
Germany 29.1% 15.6%
France 24.0% 13.9%
Japan 19.3% 6.6%