Water aerobics ain’t just for grandma anymore. Exercise classes in the pool have come a long way from their retirement community and rehab facility days. Resorts all over the world have hopped on this fitness trend. Splash around and get in shape with these wacky water workouts.

Mermaid Fitness

Photo courtesy of Hotel Del Coronado 

Become part of Ariel’s world and have a fin-tastic time during a Mermaid Fitness class offered at Hotel Del Coronado in the San Diego area. Swimmers strap on mermaid tails for this 45-minute workout session. It blends swimming, core, cardio and strength training. Classes are taught on Friday and Saturday mornings.

Photo courtesy of Hotel Del Coronado 


wacky water workouts

Photo courtesy of Monarch Beach Resort

Bogafit was named “The Hottest Fitness Workout of 2017” by ABC News. The Boga Fitmat floats atop the pool’s surface and participants are challenged to balance on top while performing core-building exercises from gymnastics, yoga and boot camp style movements. Hilarity ensues as participants struggle to stabilize doing burpees, pushups, situps and more.

Guests visiting Monarch Beach Resort in Dana Point, CA can sign up for a Bogafit class on Fridays and Sundays at the resort’s Miraval Life in Balance Spa. Smart Meeting West National will be hosted at Monarch Beach from September 10-12. Register here  and pack a swimsuit.

Video of the British-based Aquaphysical, similar to Bogafit, went viral last year. Check it out below.

Aqua Trampoline


Are you ready to bounce and splash your way into tip-top condition? During Aqua Trampoline classes, mini-tramps are placed on the floor of a pool. Jumpers follow the directions of an instructor demonstrating from the pool deck. The water provides resistance, which helps to tone bodies. The Baltic Beach Hotel in Latvia offers Aqua Trampoline on Tuesdays-Thursdays.

Stand Up Paddle Board

wacky water workouts

Photo courtesy of Park City Yoga Adventures 

Guests staying at Washington School House in Park City, Utah, are in for a once-in-a-lifetime retreat. They teamed with Park City Yoga Adventures to offer stand up paddle board yoga classes inside a 10,000-year-old crater at Homestead Resort. Guests execute yoga poses while balancing on top of a paddleboard as an instructor leads the class from the dock. Sun beams down from a hole at the top. The mineral water maintains a warm temperature of 90-96 degrees F. Homestead Crater is the only warm scuba diving location in all of the continental U.S.

Wet Barre

Calling all barre-istas and ballerinas! Get ready to practice your plies and arabesques in the pool. Wet Barre consists of more than 200 skills that activate different muscle zones. Wet Barre was created by Nashville-based trainer Katina Block. She has 25 years of experience in the field and was an original trainer at The Biggest Loser Resort in Malibu. Block is available to teach Wet Barre classes at events and for breakout sessions in Nashville, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Austin and other major cities.

Aqua Zumba

Break a sweat dancing your heart out for Aqua Zumba. The popular dance-based fitness series has gone aquatic. The water adds resistance not found on land and reduces impact on joints. Aqua Zumba is available at resorts and gyms worldwide. See if there’s a class at the hotel where you’re meeting.


Poles aren’t just for… firefighters. They’re for swimmers too! Pole dancing workouts have been trending for several years now, but Acquapole is now becoming a thing. The pole is placed on the bottom of the pool. Holding on, participants practice scissor kicks, leg raises and more. It’s a low-impact exercise that strengthens your core. Elastic resistance bands can be added for an additional challenge. A boxing bag can also be put on the pole so you can punch and kick your way to better health.

Acquapole actually dates all the way back to 2010 when it premiered in Italy. It’s gaining popularity and classes are offered throughout Europe. It’s only a matter of time before resorts add it to fitness schedules.


Put the pedal to the water. Aquacycling submerges stationary bikes in a pool. The benefits of spinning underwater include massaging your body, activating the lymphatic system, getting rid of toxins and improving circulation. The water supports your body’s weight, so this low-impact activity doesn’t put strain on your joints, bones or muscles.

Washington, D.C.’s SplashCycle offers classes on The Rooftop of The Embassy Row Hotel on Mondays, Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Interested in aquacycling as a team building activity? SplashCycle can be booked for private events at Embassy Row or the pool of your choosing. Corporate discounts are also available.