Photo credit: Mendocino Grove

Glamping, sometimes referred to as modern camping, gives unfiltered access to the fresh outdoors. Simultaneously, it adds luxe, comfort and sophistication to the pot—a perfect stew for meeting planners looking for teambuilding, wellness and business all in one unique spot.

Now, the glamping industry might become a little more respected.

On July 19, the American Glamping Association launched to establish professional industry standards and educate travel seekers about what they should expect during an elevated camping adventure. It’s the first association of its kind.

Sarah Dusek, the CEO of Under Canvas, a glamping provider, has pioneered the association alongside Ruben Martinez, co-founder of Glamping Hub, the TripAdvisor of the glamping world.

“There is a lack of clarity for the consumer about what glamping is,” Dusek said in a press release. “We are simply starting the conversation and encouraging all the major players in the glamping community to join the association,” says Dusek. “We want to build and grow the industry together.”

The press release said the American Glamping Association wants to teach people that price isn’t always the only indicator of quality—whether it be good or bad.

“We hope to help prepare people better and potentially set them up for a great experience and opening the door to more consumers giving the experience a try,” Martinez said in a press release. “Because one bad experience can potentially stop someone from ever glamping in the future, the importance for standards is crucial.”

Glamping for Meetings

You can easily take your team to soak in some sun and catch views of rippling rivers. Several resorts and specialized glamping companies have package deals for corporate events that spruce up typical ballroom offerings—making your time in the great outdoors a little more meaningful.

The portability and versatility of tents allows you to set up shop anywhere, and for any reason. Shelter Co., a tent rental service based in San Francisco, can set up for warm, amber lit dinners, serious sit-down meetings or homey tents equipped with large beds, butterfly chairs and tribal accents.

Under Canvas has tent options that can accommodate up to 500 guests. The tents can be designed to incorporate a seated dinner, a bar, a buffet and dance floors.

Glamping for Teambuilding

Itching to hike into the woods with your laptop and team in tow? They’ll love the fresh air and flexible activities they can partake in.

Glamping is a great way to incorporate wellness into your team-building activities. Being surrounded by nature has been proven to have added health benefits, including lowering stress and improving cognitive function. Glamping also lends itself to activities not so accessible within the office’s reach.

One of many properties offering the best of both worlds is Mendocino Grove. It’s a luxury glamping site along the rocky coastline of California, open from May to October. It boasts 60 safari-style canvas tents outfitted with rustic furniture and available for corporate buyout. The whole campground can accommodate up to 154 people.

The Bath House located on-site provides hot showers, complimentary EO body products and cotton towels.

In addition to the plush accommodation, breakout sessions glimmer under the sun and the moon at this campsite. Communal campfires can be used for intimate gatherings, or for cooking during the morning and evenings. For groups, Mendocino Grove also organizes yoga, guided hikes, wine tastings, kayak outings and more.