The year 2020 hasn’t spared any industry, but that hasn’t stopped planners from conducting events online. Yes, the events industry—one of the hardest-hit during COVID—has proven that it is possible to have fun online, too. B2B

While virtual events may not be able to replicate the physical experience, they can surely enhance networking and learning opportunities in a brand-new way. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that by using a single virtual platform, attendees can network, engage and attend various educational sessions.

Still scouting for ways to pull off some fun online activities at your next B2B corporate event? Don’t worry. Here are some ideas you can use to host a captivating event on a virtual event platform.

1. Karaoke Party

Hosting a karaoke party is one of the simplest and most entertaining online event ideas. Though it requires some amount of preparation to in advance, the results are totally worth it.

To create an immersive party experience, schedule the karaoke party in your agenda, invite your guests, add an AV microphone setup (it shouldn’t feel like you’re just singing to a laptop screen) and ta-da your event is ready.

2. Quirky Digital Swag Bags

Go the extra mile! Send out event badges, event merchandise and other event collateral to your attendees. You can also deliver gift hampers and welcome drinks to a few premium attendees or early registrants.

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3. Breakout Sessions

Have the most planned and effective breakout sessions, using virtual breakout rooms. These sessions can be small, with an intimate gathering of people to facilitate informal networking and focused group discussions, etc.

4. Virtual Culinary Classes

Invite world class chefs and bakers to give your attendees a cooking or a baking class or simply get everyone together on a single online event platform and have a cook-off. Upload the photos of the competition on the event feed and announce the winner (i.e. who receives the highest votes).

5. Virtual Standup Comedy

If conference sessions, teaching lessons and even weddings can go online, why can’t stand up gigs? It is totally possible to include entertainers at your virtual event. Just plan out your agenda and decide whether you want to have a single show or several gigs spread out across the event. Then add them as speakers from the system’s back end and tag them with their session, so they can easily join in and lift up the energy in the room!

6. Jukebox and DJ Sessions (for a zestful audience)

Take your event to another level by adding a DJ session. Alternatively, host a jukebox party for your attendees. Let them submit their favorite music tracks in the chat window and hear them get played. This will surely boost the excitement levels of the audience.

7. Gamification

Photo contests, quizzes, entry contests and leaderboards are great ways to boost up engagement at your online event format. Not only do they capture the attendees’ attention but also create a sense of community.

8. Scavenger Hunt

Organize a fun virtual scavenger hunt for attendees to take part in. Leave certain word puzzles and image clues across the virtual event platform. This will not only build excitement but also encourage them to explore the platform, in search of more clues.

9. Fitness Session

Help your attendees de-stress after a hectic day of sessions, panel discussions and online networking. Invite yoga instructors and Zumba trainers, or even include meditation sessions in the agenda.

10. Wine Tasting and Mixology Session (best for weekends!)

Add wine tasting samples or a mixology kit in the event swag bags and pre-deliver them to your attendees, along with some cheese. Then invite a professional to guide them through the process.

Vaibhav Jain, founder and CEO of Hubilo, is an entrepreneur at heart. The need to engage with other humans prompted the company’s crucial pivot to find a break-through solution.