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Smart Meetings commemorative anniversary issue looks back on lessons learned from two decades of serving meeting professionals. Smart Meetings CEO Marin Bright has persevered through all types of challenges over the last 20 years and the entire industry is stronger because of it. We also look at haw hotels are recovering with experts chiming in on the state of everything from housekeeping to availability of meeting space. We catch up with convention center upgrades and learn the best dates for island time (spoiler alert: there may not be an off season anymore).


Hotel Trends: Operation Recovery

From hosting first-responders on a complimentary basis to being among the first public properties to create and implement Covid-19 cleaning and safety protocols, hotels learned early how to pivot, and…

Season Ticket: Island Meetings

When it comes to traveling to the Caribbean from the U.S. mainland, the off-season has traditionally been perceived as July through November. But as more travelers are willing to experience the…

A Passion for Innovation

Over the past 20 years, woman-owned Smart Meetings has led the way as an innovator and trailblazer. Bright shares she has learned in two decades (or 7,300 days or 175,200 hours or…

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Long Hair Don’t Care: Smart Style with Kate Patay

Hair wraps, after-market travel bags, comfy earplugs for distraction-free nights and more are in this June issue Smart Style.

Essential List: Smart Meets for Smarter Teams

These new opportunities and off-site collaboration-conducive environments are great spaces for team-focused retreats. Here’s where work teams are forming tangible relationships for better project outcomes.

Cvent’s Brian Ludwig on the Future of Events

Editor’s Note: This conversation is a combination of Ludwig’s presentation at Cvent Connect and a personal interview. Senior Vice President of Sales, Cvent What should we prepare for in the…

Healthy You: Biohacks for Planners

Even small tweaks may make a big difference You’ve heard the term biohacking and will continue to hear it—experts say it’s not a fad but a phenomenon that will continue…

Ravish: Pasta-licious!

Greek mythology has it that the god Vulcan was the first noodle maker, but Italians supposedly didn’t know about this staple so celebrated in their food culture until Marco Polo…

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